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7 Different uses for a Conservatory 3

7 Different uses for a Conservatory

Conservatories are not just a great place to relax with a cup of tea and a good book; there are plenty of other uses that you may not have even thought of… 

Growing plants
From small indoor plants, to trees, a conservatory is a perfect environment to grow plants. The glazed windows and suntrap properties helps to concentrate the sun’s rays and aids plant growth.

Dining room
Whether it’s a place to relax each evening for family meals, or for hosting dinner parties with family and friends, conservatories are great for using as dining rooms – especially if you have a beautiful garden to show off!

Catching some sun
If you are in need of some additional vitamin D, and want to catch some rays, relaxing in the conservatory on a nice comfortable chair is a great way to do this in summer. Enjoy the weather without the risk of getting caught in a sudden downpour!

Office space
This even beats having an office outside in the summer – without the added annoyance of your paperwork flying away! Conservatories are great for use as office spaces, providing you with a peaceful, pleasant space to clear your mind and focus on your work without being disturbed.

Games room
Conservatories can be a fun area to enjoy recreational activities for both adults and children. Perfect for playing a game of pool, challenging your friends to a tournament on a games console, or relaxing whilst your children delve into their toy boxes, turning the room into a play room.

Hobbies and crafts
Another great use for conservatories is to use them as a space to let out your creativity. If you are looking out onto a beautiful view, why not set up your easel and paint it?

Utility area
Not quite as exciting as the above uses, but by far the most practical – conservatories can be used as a utility area, to store your cleaning products, brooms, mops, pet bedding, and general maintenance equipment. Not forgetting, a space to take off those muddy boots after a long winter walk – saving your carpets!

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