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Bespoke Joinery

Bring your Home to Life with Bespoke Joinery…

In a world full of mass-produced products, quality can be compromised – here at Catton Windows, we pride ourselves in the time honoured joinery techniques we use, and the beautiful results they produce. We use the Mortise & Tenon method of joinery, which has been used by woodworkers for centuries…

The Mortise & Tenon is a joint that dates back over 7,000 years – in fact, the thirty stones at Stonehenge were fashioned with Mortise & Tenon joints before they were installed between 2600 and 2400 BC!


– Mortise joint on the right and Tenon joint on the left

All of our products are designed and handcrafted in house, at our workshop in Norwich, and we are proud to be one of the few companies that still do this – which means our bespoke products are increasingly rare.

Bespoke joinery gives you the ability to choose the exact shape, size, colours and materials for your hardwood product – customers can be involved in the design process, giving them control and a sense of accomplishment when the finished product is presented. As well as creating unique hardwood products from scratch, we can also replicate to match existing windows and doors, which is perfect if you are restoring a building or replacing a broken window or door. All of the materials we use at Catton Windows are sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly, complying with our strong ethics.

As well as windows and doors, we can utilise our custom joinery techniques to create: box gutters, unusual shaped and solid roofs, lantern tops, swimming pool enclosures, sheds, hothouses, garden offices and much more – in fact, we can take on pretty much any project involving timber!

“I would like to say how impressed we were with the quality of the hardwood windows that have just been fitted in our house. Everyone who has seen them is knocked out at how good they look. I was personally taken with the qulity of the paint/stain finishes – they almost look ‘too good’ for our house. This is the 3rd job Catton has done for us – two previous conservatories – all of which came up to the same standard.” – Mr & Mrs R, Wood Dalling.

As you can see from the above testimonial, our products speak for themselves. Our quality timber, combined with our passion and skilled craftsmanship, creates a stunning finished product, bespoke to our individual clients’ needs. We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional customer service, and there is nothing more rewarding than providing our clients with beautiful, custom joined hardwood products.

To find out more, please feel free to give us a call on 01603 788437 or email us. You can also browse our range of products, and check out our window designer page to view some of the different options and finishes we have on offer.