Casement windows

What are Casement Windows?

What are Casement windows, I hear you asking?  Well, they are not only practical, stylish and affordable, they are also one of the most popular window choices in the UK.  Available in a selection of colours and configurations, they give you the ultimate freedom of choice when it comes to giving your home a facelift.

Casement Windows offer great versatility as they not only look great in contemporary properties, but also in traditional properties such as cottages.

Offering high energy efficiency, security and child friendly designs, they are often first choice by homeowners and it is clear why!  They reflect radiator heat, absorb the sunlight, dampen outside noise, have multipoint locking systems and lockable handles, increase security and prevent forced entry.

Casement windows come with a number of other benefits, these include:

  • Ventilation – A Casement window is hinged to the side or top which means they have a full outward opening.  This means maximum lights and fresh air coming into your home. This benefit is particularly useful in the summer months when your windows will help to keep you home cool and fresh during those long hot days.
  • Extra Space – Outward opening windows do not only mean an abundance of light and air, but also the benefit of extra space.  With no need to leave space for the windows to swing inwards, you can design your home with out any obstructions. 
  • They work perfectly with a variety of architectural designs – This style of window work perfectly with many different styles of homes from modern and contemporary to traditional chocolate box looks.  They can also be used to create the perfect picture window.
  • Easy to open and close – because of the single lever and tandem latches that casement windows have, they are incredibly easy to open and close. 

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