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5 Fun Facts about Windows

5 Fun Facts about Windows…

Even though we use windows every day, people don’t give them much thought unless they are needing to buy new ones. Here at Catton Windows, we think about windows all the time – we love windows! So here is some fun window trivia to get you thinking…

Did you know? 

1. Glass was first used in windows of homes in England in the 17th Century – as early as the 14th century, windows were made out of panes of flattened animal horn!

2. In 2010 the  in Britain was discovered near Newbury, which was built 1000 years ago in a wall of a Saxon church.

3. Keeping your windows clean and clear in your home is considered as good Feng Shui, as the windows are known as the “eyes of the home”.

4. The world’s largest windows are on a recently renovated house in Antwerp – they weigh nearly 4 tons and are 20 feet tall!

5. Timber provides excellent insulation when used for windows, as it is a low thermal conductor.

At Catton Windows, we create the highest quality hardwood windows, bespoke to our clients’ needs. We can create something beautiful for the “eyes of your home”, no matter what style house you own, with a wide variety of finishesbeading and casement styles. If you are looking to revamp your windows, please feel free to contact us today and discuss your project with us!