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Timber Garden Rooms

Timber Garden Rooms

At Catton Windows, we will work with you to design and piece together every component of your new timber garden room, and you can trust that we will only use the highest quality tools and materials throughout every stage of the build. A timber garden room built by Catton Windows will give your garden a new lease of life all year round, whatever purpose the room is built for.

A timber garden room is more versatile than just a regular wooden shed at the end of the garden, and can be easily adapted to whatever purpose you choose: as a space for a family to grow into; somewhere for your teenagers to spend time with their friends; an outdoor office away from the distractions of your home; an entertainment hub for the summer evenings; a home gym for those who dislike exercising where others can see; or an man cave for husbands to shut themselves in when life just gets a bit too much.

When we meet to discuss your new timber garden room, we will pinpoint your exact needs and desires, tailor making your room to your requirements. Our timber garden rooms are high quality, and will feel like the most natural extension to your home. Every timber garden room is made to order especially for you, with a wide range of options to suit.

Timber garden rooms by Catton Windows come fully insulated, and windows are installed to building standard, ensuring your room is suitable for use all year round. All Catton Windows garden rooms are built using only the strongest, most suitable and sustainable timber and resources.