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Hardwood Garage Doors

Hardwood Garage Doors

Hardwood garage doors have an enduring appeal thanks to their natural and traditional feel, but they are frequently dismissed by homeowners because of the perceived maintenance load required. However, as hardwood specialists, Catton Windows provide the modern, properly sourced and treated timber that can offer you long periods of protection, as well as being custom-designed to suit your home.

We are hardwood specialists and pride ourselves in manufacturing all of our products in our own workshop, making us a rarity in the industry. Our unique approach only reinforces our adaptability, as manufacturing everything on-site allows us to tailor every step of the process to your needs, ensuring a bespoke, high-quality finish. We recognise that every property is different, and are committed to enhancing its unique character through our expert knowledge and craftsmanship.

We only use sustainably sourced, high-grade timber in our workshops, which is very versatile and can last for decades if properly maintained. Our default wood is Meranti, a popular and diverse alternative to Mahogany, but we also have European Oak available, giving us the versatility to suit your personal preferences and the aesthetic of your home, creating a space that feels truly custom-made.

Additionally, we offer Accoya, a high-performance and environmentally-friendly alternative which mimics the look of the finest tropic hardwood. It has been thoroughly tested for stability and durability, making it ideal for uses where exposure to the elements may come into play and therefore a great fit for hardwood garage doors.

Catton Windows will create and fit the hardwood garage doors that meets your individual needs. Contact us today on 01603 788 437 or check out our site for more information on hardwood garage doors in Norwich and Norfolk.