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Best Hardwoods for Windows

Best Hardwoods for Your Bespoke Windows – Which to Choose?

The timber you choose for your bespoke hardwood windows can quite literally make or break the finished product. Every home is unique, as are the tastes of the homeowner, and not all wood is going to be appropriate. It’s important to be aware of the best hardwood for windows, all the while taking the distinct requirements of your property into consideration. As a general rule, hardwoods should be chosen for their strength and durability above all else.

European Oak

Europeak Oak is a favourite hardwood of choice for UK homes and can be found on staircases, doors, ceiling beams and much more. Besides the beautiful grain that has helped it maintain its popularity for centuries, what makes European Oak one of the best hardwood for windows is its exceptional strength and durability that will keep your home well-insulated.

Applying a protective microporous finish to your European Oak hardwood windows will help its gorgeous appearance withstand even the toughest of weather conditions. As most European Oak used in the UK also comes from sustainable sources, this outstanding hardwood isn’t just attractive but environmentally friendly too.


Often called Sapele Mahogany for its uncanny physical resemblance to genuine Mahogany, this reddish-brown hardwood is sourced from West Africa, but packs a bigger punch than its American or fellow African counterparts. Sapele is almost a match for European Oak for its resistance to indentation and ability to withstand shock loads, making it ideal for hardwood windows.

Its durability against decay and fine graining means that Sapele can be easily painted over for a smooth finish, ranking it among the best hardwood for windows if you’re after a bit of colour.


Many people believe that being environmentally friendly comes with an inherent compromise on quality or appearance. However, Accoya is an engineered timber grown from sustainable sources that replicates the appearance, finish and qualities of the finest European Oak.

The treatment process it undergoes ensures unshakeable stability, makes it less prone to rot than some of the other best hardwood for windows and is so reliable that it is used as the benchmark against which other treatments are measured. Due to its high quality, paints and varnishes last at least three times longer than on other timber, reducing maintenance costs over time.


Comprising a group of around five main varieties, Meranti is one of the most widely used hardwoods in the world. This highly flexible South East Asian timber will be a perfect fit for your home due to its notable expansion and contraction properties. It’s also usually easy to machine, making your joiner’s job a lot easier and your window dreams slightly more achievable.

Dark red Meranti’s gorgeous appearance is another handy dupe for costly Mahogany timber, and is commercially referred to as ‘Philippine Mahogany’, although not belonging to the same genus. Like all of the best hardwood for windows, Meranti will also stand the test of time, generally displaying a natural resistance to decay and insects.