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    Ask our Apprentices…

    Ask our Apprentices…

    We use bespoke joinery techniques to create beautiful hardwood products for our clients. At Catton Windows we understand the importance of encouraging young people to join us, as they bring fresh ideas and the training we provide truly enables them to learn the industry ins and outs, and adapt to our company – We asked two of our apprentice joiners (Dom and Kieran, both aged 19) what they have learned from working at Catton Windows so far…


    Question 1 – What is it like working for Catton Windows and what do you enjoy the most about it? 
    Dom – It’s great working for Catton Windows and working alongside great people and being part of a good team. The thing I enjoy the most is the range of jobs we do.
    Kieran – It’s an eye opening experience. Everyone who works here is caring and takes an interest in you which is a nice change from other places.

    Question 2 – What have you learnt about joinery? 
    Dom – Since joining Catton Windows I have learnt a lot about joinery and how windowsdoors and framework can be done in different ways and what methods are best.
    Kieran – I’ve learnt to be more confident in my work and that it’s easier than it looks.

    Question 3 – What advice would you give someone looking to become a joinery expert? 
    Dom – If you are interested in joinery I would advise you to sign up for a college course. If you’re lucky enough try and get an apprenticeship. It’s a great way to learn while you earn.
    Kieran – Never under estimate the time it takes to do a job. Oh and oak is evil.

    (Dom – pictured above)

    Question 4 – What has been the most exciting project you have worked on so far? 
    Dom – The most exciting project I’ve been involved in so far is working alongside, helping a colleague making and fitting a 3 door bi-fold set.
    Kieran – My fondest memory is one of the more complex jobs I’ve worked on. Manufacturing 2 black bay windows which was a real challenge but seeing the end result was great.

    (Kieran – pictured above)

    Question 5 – What do you hope to achieve after your apprenticeship? 
    Dom – Once I’ve completed my apprenticeship I hope to continue working at Catton Windows and further my career.
    Kieran – I hope to continue working in the joinery trade and become the best I possibly can. I want to make things I can only dream about and create complex and visually astonishing jobs.

    Question 6 – Anything else to say? 
    Dom – I have enjoyed working for Catton Windows so far and wish to continue, learning new skills.
    Kieran – I’ve made some great friends here who have passed on their vast knowledge and skills that I believe cannot be taught in a classroom alone.

    If you have any questions about joinery, or the apprentice scheme, please feel free to contact us to find out more.